Saturday, January 13, 2018

The Groping Epidemic, No Man, or Woman, is Safe

What in the heck is going on? Daily we hear of a new allegation against a person of means groping, kissing, raping, etc. without the consent of the "victim."

NO, this is never okay but why have the floodgates of accusations been opened now? Is it because Donald the POTUS has been heard on a hot mic saying what he has done to women? Is it because Donald has been accused of molesting teen girls participating in teen beauty pageants? Now we are hearing that he paid a porn actress $130,000 in hush money?

A couple of years ago my youngest was raped and beaten by her ex-boyfriend for hours. He stated that his intent was to kill her and thankfully he failed on his mission. My adult daughter did not tell the police about the rape and this is a decision she now regrets. A rape test was conducted on her when I took her to the ER but she requested that it not be released. This matter hit my family a bit to close so yes I do have empathy for anyone who is raped but that empathy begins to falter when law enforcement is not notified and rape tests are not done. I would love to believe that ANY person abused in anyway would follow proper protocol in an expedient manner. When the very basic part of the puzzle, such as notifying law enforcement, is not followed and then years pass before one comes forward with allegations I have to ask "where the hell is the proof?"

The Idiot in Chief

The Idiot in Charge
I have never felt the kind of disdain for another human being as I feel for Donald Trump.

When he was a commoner, "reality" TV schmuck, and owner of beauty pageants I paid very little, if any, attention toward this man-child. I was aware that he had a habit of stiffing small business owners for work done and agreed upon by a contract. He would send in his goon lawyers and bully these people who were just trying to to run a business and inform them that Donald would take the matter to court so just take what you are given, go away and shut-up. To support this information here are a few sources;


Saturday, December 16, 2017

Yes, I am Still Around


I have to admit that since the November Presidential election I have made myself scarce online with the exception of work. To be perfectly honest I believe I am like many people, just a wee bit in shock and each day brings about something else that is shocking or down right ignorant from the man in office.

I miss the soothing words of encouragement from a POTUS after a horrible event such as the shooting in Las Vegas and Texas. I am not big on Twitter and find it childish that this is the preferred way for Donald to get short messages out to whomever about whatever.

Think about all of the men who have recently been outed over their actions to women. Yet Donald is in that same group, we heard it in his own words, and he is still sitting in OUR White House. I really hope that these women file a civil lawsuit against him. Donald has yet to remove himself from the daily operation of Trump Org.. I could go on and on about all the unethical moves on his part or that of a family member. I won't even talk about Donald's ties to Putin and his actions to convince us that all news is fake except for Fox no-news.

Living in a red state is not easy when one is more moderate than conservative. I prefer politicians who are familiar with the Constitution and use it as a guide on how to best do their job. I know that Donald is not familiar with the Constitution and only has his best interest at heart. Look at how he has handled Puerto Rico, he hasn't done anything but insult these folks.

Kansas will be electing a new Governor in the not to distant future and so far our options are pretty bad. Kris Kobach, the master of allowing only people of certain ethnicity to vote. I was even removed from the voter roles a couple of years ago. The reason for my removal was never revealed but it was a journey getting back on the role. There are several others running but it is a bit early for the propaganda and mudslinging to start so I am not familiar with who else has their hat in the ring. I was asked to run for this office and it did not take but a second to say "Thank you but no flipping way."

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Duck Dynasty Circling the Drain

Yes, I watched the show on occasion but it was never on my top ten. I can relate to these families on some level as my Daddy's family is from Louisiana and Mom's family is from East Texas. I loved how they hammed it up for the camera and despite the random comment disparaging women I liked the family atmosphere.

Phil Robertson crossed a big, bad line with his responses in a recent GQ interview. I mean really, is this man so ignorant that he thought he would walk away from that interview unscathed? I am still  a little perplexed over why GQ interviewed this man in the first place unless it was meant to poke fun at him but they did and Phil said some horrible, horrible things about a large percentage of the world's population.

When this dude was posed the question about his thoughts on sin why didn't he go straight away to "Thou Shalt Not Kill?" With all of the mass shootings this is where my brain would have taken me. If you are given your 15 minutes and don't do one small thing for the greater good then you are missing the whole point. To me that is shameful and I guess one could say sinful.

Why is it that so called Christians are so concerned about the afterlife of others? I consider myself a Christian and frankly it is none of my business what others do or how they live their life as long as it is not causing harm to others. After my experiences in my antique shop I am not sure how I feel about heaven and hell as the only options once your soul leaves the body.

The Bible tells us that if we ask for forgiveness then we are forgiven for whatever "sins" we have committed. So that right there pretty much absolves each and every one of us as long as we ask.

Why is it that abortion, equality and lifestyle are the only "sins" ever brought forth from the Bible? There are others things in the Bible that we are given permission to do and to not do, some come with some pretty heavy and horrible consequences;

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

I Get So Tired of Hateful, Mean Spirited, Angry People

What has happened in the world, let me narrow that down to just America, to make so many people angry and rude all the time? It has gotten to where I detest leaving the confines of my home and property because everywhere I go people are just down right nasty.

I am not always the friendliest cookie in the box but I do try really hard to be kind, courteous and have a smile on my face when I go out in public. I look people in the eyes when I speak to them, I hold doors for others, I step back from the elevator to let those inside get out. I park my car in a civil manner, I return the grocery cart to the cart corral, if I dial the wrong phone number I apologize. These are common courtesies, this is how I was raised.

I know that the U.S. is in a mess and I feel like I am doing my part by contacting my elected officials. All of whom will not get another vote from me but it can't just be about the current state of the country.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The State of Kansas and Its Clueless Politics

Let me preface this with I am a Native Texan. I have had the privilege to live all over the world in places such as Singapore and Mexico City. I did not fall off the turnip truck yesterday but I think that the elected officials in Kansas not only fell off of the turnip truck but the truck then ran over them.

I realize that everyone has their price. I know that politicians all have their own agenda and being the voice of their constituents is very low on their radar.

Kansas has a capitol building full of fools and yes, I did cast my vote for one of them Greg Smith. I voted for him because he is/was a school teacher. I thought that he would be a great advocate for our failing school system. WRONG!! He is one of the biggest idiots right there with Gov. Sam Brownback the leader of Brownbackistan.

Greg Smith is a big failure as a voice of the people - he went in with his own agenda, don't they all, and has proposed several pieces of legislation that would benefit only him. Such as the bit on politicians being able to return to their same job at the same pay. There is already FMLA but Greg Smith choose to be in KS politics and it is not like he would have a hard time finding a teaching position, if he is any good at his job.

Smith ran on the pity vote. Several years ago one of his daughters was abducted and murdered. My youngest daughter had many classes with her. He actually used his deceased daughter's image and story on his mailings as well as the fact that he was a school teacher. He failed to mention that he has no interest in education in Kansas.

Lance Kinzer, my other 'voice' in Topeka did not get my vote. He and I had a very disturbing conversation on my front porch on day and he is no better than Brownback.

So what are some of the topics up for discussion this legislative session in the land of ugh?